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Special Ministries of our church

GENE'S COMMUNITY BIBLE CLASS                                                        

Every Tuesday night from 7 to 9:45 during the school year our Fellowship Hall is crammed full of eager Bible students who come from all kinds of churches from all over the Amarillo area to share in a non-sectarian study of the Bible. The course surveys the Old Testament every fall and the New Testament in the spring. Overflow enrollments make it necessary to call in advance to reserve your space.

ANNA STREET'S TAPE MINISTRY                                                       

Cassette tapes or CD's of all the sermons preached in our pulpit are available for $6 per month. Recordings of single Sundays (both morning and evening lessons included) are available upon request for $1.50 each.

OUR YOUTH MINISTRY                                                                           

Nathan and Andie Keller coordinate our active youth ministry with help from Henry and Misti Sena. On Sunday mornings we have Bible studies for all ages. They plan a full slate of devotional times, service projects, and Christian fellowship and fun for our kids the year around.

WORSHIP AND PRAISE TEAM                                                               

Two of the most capable worship and music leaders in the Kingdom, Jerry Talley and Lyndon Latham, team up to plan exciting praise services led by a well-prepared praise team that is always delighted to welcome new talent.

INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS                                                                 

The Anna Street Church is the sponsoring congregation for Mark and Era Thiesen, who direct Namikango Bible School near Zomba, Malawi. We also sponsor a number of short-term missions every year.

PRISON FELLOWSHIP'S ANGEL TREE PROJECT                                    

During the last two months the year, our congregation adopts the children of several Texas inmates and provides them Christmas gifts from their missing parent. Many hearts and hands combine to show the love of Jesus to these hurting families.

CHRISTIAN APPEAL MAGAZINE                                                           

Since 1968 our church has provided housing and much of the staff time to publish a monthly devotional magazine, The Christian Appeal, to enhance the ministry of congregations around the world.

PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL BIBLE COURSES                                                 

For over 30 years Gene has taught the academic Bible course at Amarillo High School, and he coordinates the Bible classes in all four public high schools.

CROSS CURRENTS COLUMN                                                                   

Gene's newspaper column now runs in the Amarillo Globe-News, the Plainview Daily Herald, the Canyon News, the Pampa News, and the Fritch Eagle Press.