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            Located near the busy intersection of I-40 and Bell in Amarillo, Texas, just across the street from Olsen Park Elementary School, the Anna Street Church is a unique congregation of people who honor Jesus as Lord, who respect the truth of his holy word, and who love all who follow him.

            On the front of our building the sign reads ďAnna Street Church of Christ,Ē and we are proud of that heritage. But the ministry of this church reaches far beyond traditional Church of Christ boundaries, touching lives and sharing the Good News of Jesus with people from many different backgrounds. We have been described as the most ecumenical Church of Christ in town, and we are glad to plead guilty to that description, for we do indeed affirm our family ties with all those who trust in the cross of the Lord Jesus and honor him as their Lord and Savior.

            The Anna Street Church is a family-sized church where nobody remains a stranger for long. We are at peace with one another and with the Lord. We are seriously committed to the study of the Scriptures, knowing that in them we find Godís revelation of his only Son. Believers from all over the Amarillo area vie for spots on the waiting list for our Tuesday evening Community Bible Class.

            At all times our church is a safe place where wounds can be healed, doubts can be confessed, questions can be asked, and hopes can be revealedóa place where each believer is free without pressure or criticism to determine their own level of participation.

            We are a mission-minded congregation, sponsoring a missionary family at Namikango Mission in Malawi and several short-term missionaries every year.

            We are a worshipful people who peacefully and enthusiastically blend modern praise choruses with time-tested hymns into a pleasing offering of praise to our God. If you like to sing, the Anna Street Church is a good place to be.

            As members of Christís Body, we embrace the truths common to all evangelical Christians. We honor God as our Creator. We revere Jesus as his Son, the God who became a man to save us by his death on Calvary. We believe in the Holy Spirit, who enlightens us with Godís truth and empowers us to obey his word. And we believe the Scriptures to be Godís accurate, inspired revelation of his eternal will. Holding fast to the original Christian sacraments of baptism and holy communion, we believe that we are saved by grace through faith and not because of anything we do. We affirm our love for Jesus by living godly, upright lives, fully expecting him to return to judge the living and the dead and to bring us with him into eternal glory.